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What makes us different than other restoration companies? We hire local people who care about our communities. Our team is compassionate, patient, and understanding of the loss that has just occurred. We understand no matter how big or small the loss may seem… it is ALWAYS a big deal to the person going through it!

We have chosen not to be a part of an insurance vendor's list because we feel it is a direct compromise to our mission to always put the client first. We have been vetted. We have been approved. We have been used by ALL insurance companies… so, it is not a matter of "qualification." It is a matter of integrity for Maximum Restoration. We want YOU to be our priority… not the insurance company.

As we guide the homeowner through each step of the process, we communicate regularly and thoroughly through action and not just empty promises. We show the homeowner his/her property, valuables, and time are taken seriously and with great care.

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Disaster Restoration in Centerville, OH

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Wheelchair Ramp Donation

Wheelchair ramp donation before in Centerville, OH
Wheelchair ramp donation in Centerville, OH
Wheelchair ramp donation in Centerville, OH